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For us, it’s all about building solid relationships.
From group rides to personalized fit services, we specialize in taking care of people and bikes.


I really did not know what to expect when I came into my bike fitting, but after a two-hour personalized fitting I was impressed by the entire shop. Being a newbie I asked a lot of questions and had comments on everything. The staff — and most especially Roger — took the time and MADE the effort to explain reasons and answer questions. Most of all there was no pressure or push to buy extras, or unnecessary items. Their “get to know you” style interview before the fitting set the standards to what you want to get out of the meeting. I left the shop feeling more confident in my bike, riding knowledge, and got great deals on the equipment I needed. Thank you Higher Ground! I now understand why you are my friends’ favorite bike shop!

Great staff! Wonderful experience purchasing a new bike and gear! Also, service is outstanding. Everyone is extremely helpful!