Upcoming Local Events


Dirty Pecan   Dirt Ride   March 7  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dirty-pecan-2020-40-60-80-100-150-or-200-mile-dirtgravel-ride-registration-81212973189


Arrival of Surly Demo Truck Space Force 1  Sunday March 15  Higher Ground


Thomasville Clay Road Classic Dirt Ride  March 27 and 28th  https://www.thomasvilleclayroadclassic.org/
Champions Ride  Road Ride  April 25 & 26  https://www.championsride.org/
Monticello Bike Fest  Road Ride  May 9 https://raceroster.com/events/2020/28005/monticello-bike-fest
Women’s TMBA Mulberry Gap Trip May 15  Higher Ground Judy  https://highergroundbikes.com/
The Nut Roll, Albany, Road Sept, 14  https://nutroll.org/
Red Hills Ride to Fight Diabetes  Dirt Road  Nov. 14  https://www.redhillsrides.org/