Bicycle Repair Services

Our expert service center can handle any bike add-on, repair or tweak.

Higher Ground Bike Co. is a full-service repair shop. From fixing a flat tire, to packing a bike, to a comprehensive bike tune, we can have you road-ready in no time. Estimates are always free: Bring your bike in and we’ll take a look to recommend what we think needs to be done.

A bicycle is a machine and all machines need some form of continuous care. A tune-up on a bike is a lot like an oil change in a car in that it needs to be done after a certain amount of mileage. We recommend you tune-up your bike at least once a year. During a tune-up, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can be in for safe and reliable operation. Items commonly replaced during Basic and Advanced Tune-ups will get discounted labor: Our basic tune-up ensures your bike is in good riding condition. Ideal after it has seen some wear – or some storage.”

  • Full Safety Inspection
  • Front Brake Adjustment
  • Rear Brake Adjustment
  • Front Wheel True
  • Rear Wheel True
  • Front Derailleur Adjustment
  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment
  • Derailleurs and Chain Lubed
  • Proper Tire Inflation
  • Frame and Fork Wiped Down

Need something fixed, replaced or added? Our staff of experienced mechanics is able to service bikes from standard hybrids to custom  builds to software updates on E-Bikes.

Many repairs (such as flat tires) can be done while you wait. For other services, we’ll give you an estimate to get you in and out as quickly as possible.


Install Bottle Cage $6
Install Kickstand $8
Install Saddle $8
Install Mirror $10
Install Basket $15
Install Training Wheels $15
Install Computer $18
Install Rack $20
Install Fender Each $20
Install Fender Pair $30
Install Baby Seat $38


Pack Bike For Shipping ~ Includes Box & Packing Material $80
Assemble Bike (Includes Basic Tune Up) Standard $90 Electric Bike $130 Tri-Bike $150
Custom Build Standard $190 Internal Routing $250


Adjust/Retorque $20
Install $38


Install Pads $12
Adjust Rotor $12
Install Rotor $18
Hydraulic Caliper Piston Service $18
Adjust $18
Resurface Brakes $18
Install Calipers $18
Install Levers $18 each $30 pair
Bleed Disc Brakes $25
Install Mechanical Brake + Lever $25
Hydraulic Brake Install $38
Trim Hydraulic Line w/Bleed $28
Install Hydraulic Line w/Bleed $30
Internal Routing w/Bleed $48


Repair/Remove Broken Cable From Shifter $12
Install Cable & Housing $18
Install Cable and Housing Internal $30


Install Derailleur Pulleys $12
Adjust Derailleur $18
Install/Adjust Derailleur Hanger $18
Install Derailleur $38


Lube Chain $5
Install Pedal Cleats $6
Install Pedals $6
Tap/Rethread Spindle $12 Each $18 Pair
Install Chain $15
Install Cassette $15
Speedplay Pedal Service $20
Install Chainring $25
Install Crankset $30
Degrease & Relube Drivetrain $50


Reset Lefty Needle Bearings $12
Cut Steerer & Install Starnut w/o Fork Install $30
Front Fork or Rear Shock Install Only $35
Install Fork (Includes Cutting steerer, Starnut, Brake Install & Adjust) $50
Basic Service Rear Shock - Parts & Labor $115
Lower Suspension Fork Service - Parts & Labor $135
Full Shock or Fork Overhaul -Varies By Manufacturer Call


Face Head Tube $30
Face/Chase BB Shell $45


Install Grips $6
Install Bar Ends $6
Cut Bars $12
Install Stem $15
Wrap Bar $18
Install Aero Bars $20
Install Bar Including all components except dropbar wrap $25


Adjust Headset $12
Service/Install Headset $38


Adjust Hub $12
Clean and Repack Bearings $30


Clean Shifters $16
Install Shifter single $30
Install Shifter Pair $50

General Labor


Install Tire/Tube $10
Recharge Tubeless (Per Wheel Includes up to 4oz sealant) $18
Tubeless Set Up with Rim Tape $30
Remove Tubular Tire $25
Glue Tubular Tire Labor Only $50


Software Update $20
Customization $38


Basic $75
Pro Fit $150
Tri Fit $175