What They’re Saying About Higher Ground

The Higher Ground difference — the best service, best fit and best products

Higher Ground has great bikes, accessories and awesome service.

I want to thank Roger and the crew for their encouragement and contagious excitement as I finally got my Quintana Roo tri bike out of layaway. You guys are awesome.

Great group of people that is always willing to help and work within your budget. Been a loyal customer for 14 years.

Great staff! Wonderful experience purchasing a new bike and gear! Also, service is outstanding. Everyone is extremely helpful!

Just saying Higher Ground is one of the better and best bike shops in the state of Florida.

Great, helpful, knowledgeable and welcoming staff. I look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Very friendly people and nothing is overpriced. Highly recommend them to all levels of cyclists! I’m like a kid in a candy store when I walk in to Higher Ground.

Service is great, staff is friendly, and the selection is good. This is a great local bike shop.

I bought my first mountain bike from Higher Ground last year. It took me multiple trips and a lot of deliberation to finally decide I was ready to spend what it would take to purchase a suitable bike for my planned adventures. The staff at the store was very helpful in explaining the many differences in the wide variety of bikes they had in stock and helped me make my final decision on the perfect bike for me. Since then, I have done my best to break anything I can on the bike — and have succeed on a few occasions. I have made many return visits to the store for minor repairs (caused by operator error), maintenance, and to bring friends and family to purchase new bikes. With each return trip I have experienced the highest level of customer service and been given advice that is always appreciated. When it comes to bikes, these are the folks to deal with. From shopping and test rides to sales and service the are impeccable.

Awesome service and great staff who are very knowledgeable! They host a fun and challenging ride on Tuesday nights where people are very encouraging. Judy, one of the staff members, patiently helped me find a bike that fit my budget and riding style (took over 2 months) and didn’t give up on me! Thanks again!

I have been riding for 30 years as an adult for fitness and fun. Many bikes later (and I’m sure thousands of miles) I have seen shops come and go. I started doing business with Higher Ground about 10 years ago and have found them to be the best at service, parts, bike selection and experienced advisors in town. They have the high-end equipment without the cycling snobs working there. They bend over backwards to help you when you need it. It’s because of them that I don’t buy online anymore. I don’t mind paying for their service and customer support, which you don’t get from a chat room or a phone call. Plus, don’t forget an investment in a true local business helps us all.

I really did not know what to expect when I came into my bike fitting, but after a two-hour personalized fitting I was impressed by the entire shop. Being a newbie I asked a lot of questions and had comments on everything. The staff — and most especially Roger — took the time and MADE the effort to explain reasons and answer questions. Most of all there was no pressure or push to buy extras, or unnecessary items. Their “get to know you” style interview before the fitting set the standards to what you want to get out of the meeting. I left the shop feeling more confident in my bike, riding knowledge, and got great deals on the equipment I needed. Thank you Higher Ground! I now understand why you are my friends’ favorite bike shop!

Thanks to all the Higher Ground crew for sponsoring and supporting the Florida State Mountain Bike Series race this past weekend and all the local racing events, triathlons and kids events. It’s great to have a shop support local riders and racers!

Being comfortable in the saddle is critical to success in triathlon. The bike fit I had with Roger got me dialed in just perfectly – just what I needed for those five-hour training rides.

Through the years I have learned that there is nothing worse than a poor bike fit. When a bike doesn’t fit you, your world is riddled with aches and pains. For that reason, when I purchased my new Specialized racing frame, I asked the experts at Higher Ground to provide me with a pro bike fit. The results have been fantastic and I give Roger my highest recommendation.

Successful long-course racers demand a bike position that allows them to produce the power they want and comfort they need. Roger and his team at Higher Ground have the expertise in the BG FIT system to set you up for success. I have been working with Roger for over six years and he has helped me create an optimal bike position no matter if I am racing a half- or full-distance ironman.

I’ve been cycling for 14 years and have had several bike fits elsewhere, but the one I got at Higher Ground was clearly the most effective. This is the most comfortable I’ve ever been on the bike. Roger spent a great deal of time asking questions, getting my feedback and making adjustments based on that. As a result, cycling is easier and more fun, and I really look forward to my rides now.

My biggest gains in cycling speed and efficiency followed my bike fit from Higher Ground. Roger takes time to analyze the entire athlete himself, and adjust the fit based on his interaction with the cyclist – not just put numbers into a computer like some shops. A Higher Ground bike fit is an excellent investment for anyone interested in improving their cycling performance.