Richie is our Chihuahua Desert transplant from El Paso, Texas. His love for all things bike started in the early 90’s when he got his first BMX bicycle. He spent most of his early days putting in laps at his local BMX track and building dirt jumps with his buddies after school. Shortly after graduating high school in 2002, he started working at his local bike shop where his obsession with wet dirt and knobby tires quickly evolved into mountain biking. Over the years, he’s lived his life based around riding bikes of all shapes and sizes. He believes his bike is responsible for introducing him to all of the beautiful places he’s seen and all of the wonderful people he’s met, including his wife, Lilly. During the summer of 2014 they spent 5 weeks touring Mexico on their loaded Surly Ogres. Whether it be the occasional shop ride, his cross-town commute or a late night ice cream run, Richie still cruises the Ogre on a regular basis.


Surly Ogre