Pioneers in Matching People to Their Bikes

One of the first shops in the nation to begin training in the Specialized BG Fit system

The fit is the essential part of comfort, balance and efficiency on a bike! We believe in it so much that every bike sold at Higher Ground comes with a free fit — that’s a value of $75-$175.

Bike fitting as we know it today really began to take form in the last ten years. It was at this point it was realized that being comfortable on a bike was not a luxury, but a necessity.

At Higher Ground we were fortunate to be one on the first shops in the nation to begin formal training in this area (Specialized BG Fit). Since that first class we have been involved in numerous training programs and certifications in the Bike Fit Process. Additional training included the Advanced BG Fit and from Slowtwitch, the FIST program.

Through all of this we have developed a fit process that incorporates scientific principals with the art of the rider. The principals of fit are basically simple. We as people and riders are not! There lies our expertise. We focus on getting to know the characteristics and the need of the rider to find what position and balance serves them best. This combination as proven to make all the difference in the world to riding faster, longer and more comfortable! (See Testimonials)

Please call to set up an appointment for a fitting: 850-942-2453